High Speed Internet Access

Was this your guest?


"Hotels catering to business travelers need to seriously rethink the criticality of their Internet service levels. When I select a business hotel, high-speed Internet is a mandatory criteria."


"My complaints are rooted either in poor capacity modeling or in hotels buying their Internet service from the lowest-cost bidder."

Although many hotels are installing Wi-Fi access to gain and retain customers, a majority of travelers won’t return to a hotel with poor Wi-Fi service.

If your current provider does not provide the quality service you expect, don’t lose another guest.

Contact Wi-Fi Guys today.


Wi-Fi Guys’ Solution: The Managed Networking System

Wi-Fi Guys’ core solution consists of a Hotspot Controller, coupled with InnSite® – an avenue for client-side access to real-time monitoring of system performance and guest experience evaluation.



We specialize in innovative, managed-network solutions…

Incorporating the following elements into a comprehensive, turn-key system that assures the highest quality, most robust and reliable connectivity available – assuring guest satisfaction and enabling staff to attend their principal responsibilities:

  • Seamless, redundant internet connections and backhauls
  • Custom-tailored network design and engineering
  • Wired and/or wireless deployments
  • Physical installation and staff familiarization
  • Direct-to-guest (24/7) technical support
  • Continuous network monitoring



Wi-Fi Guys’ foremost priority is to provide clients with:

  • The most reliable, cost-effective system build-out possible, supported by
  • Affordable, on-going HSIA network management, and
  • Client enterprise i-marketing through Hot-Spot location affiliate promotional programs


Our systems allow subscribers to use the existing wireless devices built in to their technology products, so there is little for the subscriber to “learn”: Open up a web browser in any Wi-Fi Guys Location, login, and surf away at access speeds up to 40 times those of dial-up or cell phone modem rates!

We work continuously with clients, to fully appreciate and accommodate end-user expectations of wireless networks. Contact Wi-Fi Guys if you are interested in learning more about the Managed Network System.