Hotel and Resort Solutions

Are you looking for a high-quality, hassle-free internet solution that satisfies your guests, and assures their return? Self-sustaining and fully supported, freeing your staff to attend their principal responsibilities?


Business Travelers

Business travelers constantly aspire to improve productivity while on the road, seeking to take advantage of business services whenever and wherever available: The availability of high speed internet services enables them to remain in contact with customer and co-workers, and assures access to invaluable on-line resources, like sales presentations and materials, supportive staff, and corporate networks. The provision of wireless broadband internet access at your property would compliment other value-added services, generating additional incremental revenues for your bottom line.

Currently under contractual commitment with an internet service provider?

Wi-Fi Guys also offers site-survey and performance analyses for existing deployments, with available on-going system performance monitoring services, toward the goal of improving reliable connectivity for the duration of existing contracts. For further information on how we may help maximize your present services, contact us at


Leisure Travelers

Increasingly, the casual vacationer seeks to remain connected: Denizens of the digital age – young, upwardly mobile, financially endowed – demand the ability to instantly communicate via instant messaging or e-mail services, coupled with the opportunity to upload digital photographs or download music.

Internet services of poor or intermittent quality (frequently unsupported or under-supported ) will most assuredly alienate your highly valued business guest and leisure traffic alike, often excalating to conflict and confrontation with on-site staff, inflicting irreparable damage to your operation and reputation. Better to have no service at all, than to offer a substandard product! A customer with no experience at your property inflicts far less damage to your bottom line than one with a negative encounter…

Restaurant Solutions

If you’re looking to increase revenue at your restaurant or bar, look no further: Our company provides the product that will attract more business people and leisure class restaurant visitors alike. Wi-Fi is the perfect solution to increase revenue!. As patrons realize these services are available, you will dramatically increase repetitive traffic.

Marina Solutions

Wi-Fi Guys provides premium-quality wi-fi network deployment at marinas. Watercraft owners appreciate the convenience of internet access available to them. Offering fast, reliable internet access is a great way to increase revenue. Internet access is attractive and will inevitably draw attention to your marina.

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